Nanaimo: Exploring The Favorite Attractions Of The City

This summer I decided to visit the Nanaimo from Vancouver. The city’s scenic beauty is incredibly attractive. It is not much popular among visitors due to its proximity to Vancouver. Nature plays a significant role to make the city enticing. When you visit Nanaimo, here is a list of top attractions you should check out.

  • go for a whale watching tour

Soak in the warm sunlight at the ocean while watching whales. Yes, you heard it right. Try out the whale watching tour. The blue waters and the view of the mountains and island on one side will get you spellbound. It is the ideal backdrop for these surfacing whales. This tour mainly focuses on the orcas but you will be able to see other whales too. A professional guide is available for your assistance.

  • Take a walk around Harbourfront Walkway

Harbourfront Walkway is a beautiful destination. I feel this is one of the reasons the city is so beautiful. A walk around suspended walkway above the ocean and the seashore was fulfilling in its own. Here are shops where you can get souvenirs and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food.

  • Go snorkeling with the seals

You will find seals around the rocks and docks. However, if you want a close look at them, go snorkeling. To participate, you have to be over 10 years of age. Keep in mind that this tour mainly depends on the weather. There are guides to help you out with snorkeling. You should be able to swim to do this.

  • Spend some time at Neck Point Park

Up for some picnicking, swimming, or walking? Visit to Neck Point Park. You can also go scuba diving. I was lucky enough to spot a sea lion. People have to say that you can also see orcas. Along the shoreline, there is a beautiful walking trail.