Regensburg is a UNESCO city in Germany

Regensburg is a UNESCO city in Germany that talks a lot of medieval history. It is over 2000 years old and is a heritage city that most travelers will love. I was blown over by the various historical structures in this medieval city and felt awestruck seeing them with my own eyes.

Regensburg Attractions to Check Out


  • St. Peter’s Cathedral


If you want to see the best work of German Gothic art and architecture, then visit this cathedral is a must. The two huge towers and the façade and the main building using captivating building materials are a sight to behold. I visited this cathedral during a Sunday mass and the all-boy chorale did a tremendous job.


  • Scots Monastery


This is another architectural marvel that I came across in Regensburg. It was established in the 11th century. It has a very attractive interior and exterior architecture with plenty of arcs. The north doorway is a major attraction as it has an ornate design.


  • Old Stone Bridge


This is a 300-meter long pedestrian bridge that talks a lot of medieval engineering. There is a Bruckmandl statue at the highest point of the hump that was installed in the mid-1500s. It is the figure of a half-naked man covering his eyes.


  • Herzogspark


If you like to relax and unwind in the evenings, then visit this four-acre public park that was set up in the year 1293. There is a lovely alpine garden and also boasts of a medieval town and a botanical garden. I particularly liked the newer Renaissance garden that is reminiscent of the good old medieval period. 


  • Regensburg Museum of History


I like to dig deep and know about the art and culture of the city I visit. To know more about the city of Regensburg, visit the History Museum. It has the best art and work of the Roman and Stone Age periods. It also has arts, sculptures, paintings, and weapons of the medieval period.