Silves – Portugal’s Spectacular Medieval Town

Silves is a town which was the Algarve’s ancient capital and today it is well known for its quiet and beautiful ambiance. In the Moors era, Silves was a popular trading town. It has a mix of beautiful sights, the charm of Portugal, and rich history, which makes it one of the famous destinations for tourists to visit. The town has not changed much, although it’s been over 500 years and there is no slightest of hints of any kind of modern progress. Some of the interesting spots have been listed below.

  • Silves cathedral

Established in the 13th century and built on the Moorish Grand Mosque site below the castle. The cathedral is one of the main attractions for tourists here as it retains most of its real grandeur despite the damage that was caused due to an earthquake. There are tombs of dignitaries and bishops in addition to the tombs of Crusaders who battled the fight against the Moors during that period.

  • Silves archaeology museum

The museum consists of an impressive Moorish well with archaeological findings which dates back to the prehistoric period. The museum was set up in 1990 and built around the well-discovered post the excavations which took place in the 18th century. The best part is that the well is classified as a National Monument and is the main piece of the museum. There are city walls belonging to the same period, which makes it not just a museum, but a display of the Islamic heritage in the town.

  • Silves old town

As far as the Silves Old Town is concerned, things are pretty slow here and one can spend time leisurely with a cup of coffee or cold beverages at a pavement cafe. This historic site consists of a hill with the cathedral and castle on top and the muscular gate takes you to the Rua da Se. There is autonomy here where criminals were being punished in front of everyone.