Take A Family Tour To Viana Do Castelo And Have Fun

The Viana do Castelo has many things to please you and give some comforting time. Either you are looking for lonely beaches or medieval center, the place has everything in ample and the best part is you do not have to travel a lot to explore these places. When I was in the city, I explored it well, and find some of the places, wonderful and beyond my imagination.

The top sights of Viana do Castelo according to me:

  • Peneda-Gerês National Park

The national park is out of the world and there are an ample number of dears, golden eagles and wolves are present in the park. The park has mountains, rivers, and the greenery around that creates picturesque spots.

  • Santuário De Santa Luzia

This is the iconic church of the city. It is present at the mountain top and this adds beauty in its grace. There is also a small museum at the top and some of the church offers a panoramic view of the city which is breathtaking.

  • Serra De Agra

In Viana do Castelo, this is one of the best places according to me. It is a mountain whose top offers a magnificent view of the city in 360. I was stunned to see the view from the top.

  • International Garden Festival

This festival features the contemporary garden that was created by experts of landscaping, designers and architects from all over all the world. I was lucky to be the part of this festival and capture some stunning view of the garden.

  • Ponte Eiffel

This is the multilevel road-rail bridge. The bridge has a rich history as it was designed in the iron architect time and inaugurated in the year 1878. Being on the bridge is itself an experience.