The Best Travel Guide To Belo Horizonte

My trip to Belo Horizonte was filed with full of fun. Belo Horizonte means beautiful and I have to say that the city is true to its name. It derives its name from the beautiful mountains and the amalgamation of the architectural delights. It has been designed to be functional.  Here is my guide to visit the best attractions of Belo Horizonte.



  • UFMG National History Museum and Botanic Garden

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Natural History Museum and Botanic Garden are must-see for you travelers out there. It offers the city’s rich cultural heritage. The museum is going to enlighten you. The green space gave me some peace of mind. The museum contains important treasures like the Nativity of Pipiripau, a folk art. Developed in the twentieth century, the artwork has more than 45 scenes with 586 figures enumerating the story of Jesus.

  • Circuito Cultural Praça Da Liberdade

You will find Circuito Cultural Praça da in the center of Belo Horizonte. It serves as a cultural highlight of the city having eleven cultural spaces and museums. The place celebrates architecture, art, and history of the city. What I found to be interesting was that it has something to offer to everyone.

  • Pampulha Modern Ensemble

This became the World Cultural Heritage in the year 2006. A part of the garden city had been imagined in the year 1940. It has 4 beautiful buildings that had been designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the innovative artist. He has arranged it around the buildings around the artificial lake. The ensemble creates a spellbinding landscape of natural and bold architectural surrounding.

  • Pampulha Art Museum

Want to relax, visit the Pampulha Art Museum. Here, you can unwind and take a look at the best art forms from Brazil, as well as around the world. This too has been designed by Oscar Neimeyer along with Roberto Burle Max who had designed the beautiful ground.