Tinghir – The Exploring City

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Tinghir city is by far one of the rawest cities I have explored. The whole city is surrounded by the Alps mountain ranges and filled with red sand all around it. You can readily explore the Sahara sands when you come visiting this city. The theme of the town is that of ancient French architectures. The city is surrounded by sands and ruins offer you some very incredible lush gardens with blooming carnations and purple roses. The streets around the streets are pretty narrow and cozy; walking here would feel like you just came out of some movie. The city is also famous for its numerous hiking trips to the mountains and even the Sahara sands.

Todra Gorges

Todra Gorge is the canyon valleys that are present on the outskirts of the city. All you have to do is first walk down alongside the Todra River, the whole track is almost as long as fifteen kilometers track but surely is worth it. If you don’t want to do the individual trail than you can hire for the guided tours. It will take you approximately two hours to reach the mainland canyon and once you do you can see stone walls almost as high as 170-180 meters and reddish brown in colors. The base of the canyon is filled with water so be careful while walking. But once you start exploring it, it is one hell of an adventure.


Tinghir oasis is one of the most mesmerizing landscapes I have seen in a while. The road that goes to the Torde Dorge has two diversions, the right one goes to the canyon but the left one goes to the oasis, makes it easier for you to recognize the routes easily. Once you reach the oasis, you have to walk further down to reach the mountains and once you do, you get to have the perfect look of the green and blue landscapes.