Trabzon – The Preserving City

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The city is based on the coastlines of the black sea. Many port dealings are done through the port based on the sea and handle some terrific imports and exports. The city is one which was fought by many rulers and has witnessed over six different rulers who managed and maintained the city throughout. The town started modernization with very rapid speed. The city is known to hosts many old religiously cultural festivals. Though the city in itself has nothing too much to offer, but it has a certain amount of attractions that are very near to the actual city. Here are some places that you should visit.

Sumela Monastery

The monastery is based on the edge of one of the highest cliffs around the black sea coast and faces towards the steep valley. This apart from being a religious place holds a very adventurous liking among the tourists and locals too. The monastery was created back in the early 1900s and has been remained the same since then, which just some restorations. The monastery holds prayers for three hours every day, which you can be a part of. It trusts me the most solemn thing I have ever been a part of. It is so quiet and peaceful, it really is amazing. There is an additional balcony that is made over the cliff valley which will provide you with the best natural view.


The city is the most infamous part of the Trabzon and is based on the highest peak of the city. The way to reach the city is the most amazing part about traveling to it. There are narrow cobbled up streets that go in a zigzag way and forms a rather intriguing way to travel upwards. The city cooks its own hot brew which is very famous among the locals.